Valuing Referee Education

Hunter Volleyball values referee education as part of the participant experience.

Information about the national referee accreditation framework, copies of the current FIVB Rules of the Game, examples of the rules in action via the Casebook, and a poster of official hand signals can be found free online here.

The process for gaining the basic referee accreditation – Level 1 (Foundation) Referee – may be long, but it is achievable in under two hours, and is as follows:

  • Complete the ‘Play by the Rules – Harassment & Discrimination’ free online course here
  • Complete the ‘Play by the Rules – Child Protection’ free online course here
  • Log into your Volleyball NSW account (via the Fortix Member dashboard here)
  • Click on your Volleyball NSW dashboard, “My Courses” and select Level 1 Foundation Refereeing course
  • Complete your details and payment information
  • Upload your PBTR Harassment & Discrimination and your PBTR Child Protection certificates
  • Click on the My Courses menu and complete the online Level 1 (Foundation) Referee course
  • Download and save your Volleyball Australia Certificate of Accreditation.

Updated 12/9/2020: The NSW Volleyball Referees Association has advised that annual membership is only required for those completing their Level 2 accreditation

Teams competing in our Social competitions can take advantage of the subsidy offered when two players per team (per season) complete their Level 1. Hunter Volleyball will reimburse their accreditation course fee!

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