Junior Representative Program Update

Are you interested in a season of competitive training and tournaments? The Hunter Volleyball representative program is having a second intake and selection of the junior squads to compete through to the end of 2021.

Following the introduction of our first U16 and U18 teams and their first two tournaments of the year, our next phase of the program is to further develop the U18 boys and girls squads with a range of local and away tournaments. The teams will look to accelerate their learning through some matches in senior divisions, as well as playing in junior divisions when available. Our team of junior coaches are pumped for the rest of the tournament season and what the players will bring to the court!

STEP 1: Review the Representative Program schedule for information about the tournaments at home and away our teams will be competing in between June – November 2021.

STEP 2: Review the Representative Program Information sheet for details about the divisions our teams will compete in, and costs to participate in the program.

STEP 3: Register to attend the upcoming trials and join the Hunter’s newest volleyball performance program!

Information about participation in the U16 boys and girls teams later in the year, will be posted on the website in August 2021.

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